What Tweep would you like to see?

What is this?

Happytweets is a measuring stick for how positive, or happy, a particular Tweep is. Enter the Twitter username for you or one of your buddies, click the “get happy” button, and you’ll find out how happy your Tweets are.

How does it work?

We look at a bunch of Tweets you’ve made recently, and then a smurf pulls a number out of a hat, and that’s your score. Just kidding.

There’s some cool stuff going on under the sheets that looks at what you say and how you say it, and you get a score that way.

My score was low. Can I try again?

Sure! Since we just look at the tweets you’ve made recently, and as you change your language to be more positive, that should boost your score.

Please keep in mind that we cache your score for 30 minutes so that we aren’t hammering Twitter constantly.

We also keep track of your score each time you visit us, so eventually we will show you how your happiness is changing over time.

Are you can haz saving my passwordz?

No. You don’t remember entering it anywhere here, right? We save some information about you, but it’s all information that is publically available through the Twitter API.

Who are you and why did you make this?

My name is Tim, and this is really just a social experiment mixed with a personal interest in computational linguistics. My friend is seo guy from nepal.

There is actually a lot of potential value to having a better understanding of how our language is perceived by others, so we’ll see how it goes.

If you like what you see here, you can follow me on Twitter: @u2elan

Happiest Tweeps

  1. rspruijt – 750
  2. fungarsclinties – 750
  3. masterofwww – 750
  4. itexpertforums – 750
  5. humanique – 712
  6. govritter – 712
  7. smart – 700
  8. cloudmarketing – 700
  9. geshercitybos – 700
  10. mghtmo – 700

Least Happy Tweeps

  1. annikab – 100
  2. mister_achilles – 100
  3. erikg – 100
  4. kill – 100
  5. glassplanet – 100
  6. fred_lefebvre – 100
  7. katiethomthoms – 100
  8. theadamritter – 100
  9. jefflong – 180
  10. shannonsullivan – 180

Some Cool Tweeps

  1. the_real_shaq
  2. mchammer
  3. barackobama
  4. fakesarahpalin
  5. cnn
  6. techmeme
  7. twitterapi
  8. nfl
  9. zeldman
  10. happytweets